A japanese tea house and garden in Samstagern

In the surroundings of Samstagern at Lake Zurich, you may discover a beautiful japanese show-garden and its tea pavillion surrounded by rare plants not usually seen in our country. Designed ba a german architect for the horticultural farm Wuhrmann AG, the eight tatami luminous gazebo was built using swiss woods. It can be used and furnished in various ways, not only for japanese tea ceremonies but also for small-scale events (ask for reservations). The construction is removable and was inaugurated at the 2014 Arts & Crafts Expo in Wädenswil with a demonstration of japanese tea ceremony.

Marc Wuhrmann, its mentor and master of gardening, has thirty years of experience in landscape and garden building. 2008 and 2009 he took advanced training in Japan to learn and practice the ancient art of japanese garden creation and maintenance. His special scopes are on the choice and usage of the most convenient plants and their care and also the carefull arrangement of rocks in stylized landscapes.

Wuhrmann Garten AG
Obere Schwandenstrasse 6, 8833 Samstagern
Phone. 044 780 82 82
Contact: klick

Photos: Marc Wuhrmann, Chris Junod

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