The World of Chasen

The Japanese tea whisk, or chasen (茶筅) is used to mix and whisk finely milled green tea powder with the water into a frothing hot bowl of matcha.

A small compendium about this essential accessory for the japanese tea ceremony. The origins, the structure and how to choose the proper model. With tips for care and storage.    Read more

Wagashi – Traditional Japanese Confectory

A video document by Renata Whitaker Rogé about the edible art of sweets made for the Japanese Tea Ceremony, the festivals, the change of seasons or personal moods.

2016, 25 minutes. Japanese & portuguese with english subtitles.

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Flickwerk: The Aesthetics of Mended Japanese Ceramics

From aesthetic, technical and artistic viewpoints, the restoration of ceramics with lacquer, which has been practiced in Japan for many centuries and which has been particularly cultivated since the sixteenth century, is a highly distinctive and extremely fascinating field of Japanese art.

flickwerk catalogue

The usage of lacquer to artfully repair damaged or broken ceramics (called kintsugi) is a specifically Japanese phenomenon that transcends the effect immanent in the materials and is based on aesthetic ideals which evolved in the culture of tea.

This and other aspects occupied the foreground of attention in an exhibition entitled “Flickwerk – The Aesthetics of Mended Japanese Ceramics”.

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SWISSCHADO.CH is an independent portal to the Japanese Way of Tea (chado) in Switzerland. As a meditative approach to serenity, the way of tea is being adopted by a growing community in Switzerland. On the site you will find an extensive overview on tea practitioners, japanese tea ceremony rooms and events like seminars or the activities of organizations.