Benedictine Cloister Fischingen unveils its new Zendo and Chashitsu

Founded 1138 by bishop Ulrich II, the benedictine monastery cloister is not only a well established stop-over on the pligrim's way to Santiago de Compostela but also a place to practice the meditative approach to the serenity provided by the way of tea. In only six months the existing zendo was completely remodelled and an original japanese space for the tea ceremony, also to be used as a dokusan, was added. Not a simple task considering the venerability of the cloister's century old walls and beams. The new premises are fitted with elaborate lighting and state of the art visual and audio equipment. Now a manifolld range of meditation events can be enjoyed in the new spaces. It is also an ideal setting for seminars, workshops and meeting-events in connection with the cloister's own hotel and restaurant.

Zenkei Shibayama, a former abbot of the Nanzen Monastery in Kyoto stated: "Within Zen, there is something inherent to all religions". The christian, while practicing zen-meditation, never thinks of Buddah or even of anything. He is completely centered on body-posture, breathing and munen-muso (without perception or thinking).

Verein Kloster Fischingen
8376 Fischingen
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Photos: courtesy Cloister Fischingen

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